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Design Tips

A remodel can be a daunting undertaking even if you have a general sense of how you want the finished project to look. Are you keeping the existing hardware and fixtures? Do you have a paint color or countertop you’re trying to complement? Are you mixing tile patterns, sizes or textures? Keeping these factors in mind as you make your selections will ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

Tiled can purchase and transport all materials for you or install tiles that you or a designer have selected and purchased. If you need help with inspiration or material choice, Tiled can make recommendations or even meet you at the tile store to select materials. If you are undertaking a large remodel and need help coordinating rooms or projects, we can refer you to a designer or general contractor.

Before purchasing materials, there are a lot of factors to consider beyond aesthetics: certain tile is better suited for particular usages (thickness to withstand heavy traffic, for example); the right quantity of tile ensures adequate square footage coverage plus extras for imperfections and breakage; and then there are the details—accents such as niches or mosaics, pencil liners and bullnose to disguise cut edges and so forth. If any of this sounds unfamiliar or overwhelming, we are here to guide you through the selection process or answer logistical questions.

If you have already purchased tile, Tiled will consult with you on grout color as well as obtain all the behind-the-scenes materials needed for your particular project—underlayment, waterproofing membrane, caulking, etc. (when applicable). 

Take a look at some of our inspiration boards to see how mixing and matching materials can achieve different looks. Use our online booking tool to book a no-obligations quote.

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