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Tile pickup checklist

If you are picking up and transporting your own tile for us to install then follow the steps on this simple list to avoid any potential problems or delays.

Be sure to open and check each box of tile to make sure none are broken or chipped before leaving the store.

Check each box of tile for the “lot number”. This is known as the dye lot and the number should match across all of the boxes. This is especially important for white or light colored tiles and mosaics where even slight differences in color variation can be noticeable in the finished product.

Always purchase an additional 12-15% extra tile to account for defects, waste cuts, etc. and always round up when calculating. It’s always easier to keep or return an extra box of tile at the end of the project than it is to try to find an additional box mid-project. Make sure you have the correct amount of boxes or square footage before leaving the store.

Safety first! Tile is very heavy. Please use a vehicle capable of safely handling the additional weight. Do not expect to put an entire bathroom worth of tile into an SUV (most SUV's are only rated for approximately 300-400 pounds of load in the back and tile can quickly exceed that limit). We are happy to transport your tile for you, just let us know.

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