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Planning a Shower

Once you've picked out your tile, fixtures and other materials there are a lot of installation details to consider when planning a shower. This guide will help you plan for those details. We'll share our recommendations from experience along the way.

  • Outside corners

  • Drains

  • Niches

  • Shelves

  • Windows

  • Benches

Outside Corners

Outside corners can be treated in multiple ways. They are usually found on curbs and around windows, niches and divider walls. Here are the most common ways to build outside corners with tile:


Butt the exposed edges of the tile.


Miter the edges of the tile.

This is our favorite method. A "miter" is where both tiles are cut at a 45 degree angle so that they meet together in a right-angle. Mitered edges are stylish and minimal and don't distract from the tile. In our opinion, miters give one of the cleanest looks when they are appropriate, even though they require more skill and take a little longer than some of the other methods. 



Miters can even be combined with metal or plastic trims depending on the aesthetic or level of durability that is trying to be achieved.



Use bullnosing.


Use trims.


Use a slab.

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